1 SOL p143

Jeremiah Cumberbatch, Apparatus, 5/20/18

Manny are hands thats sculpted, Manny are hands thats apparatus tools, extension of ourselves that possesses strength. We use it unconsciously like a foreign object but the lines between them holds detail truths.


Bill Bandt, Shadow of light

In this image by Bill Brandt there are two objects in the foreground, fingers and pebbles. both are round and curvy like each other, one has a soft texture to it and the other has a hard solid texture. both has profound beauty when they are carved by the light, sculpted by nature into resemblance.



2 SOL p132

Jeremiah Cumberbatch Vulnerable strength 5/20/18


This image is an imitation from Bill Brandt book the shadow of light. Here is a woman figure is completely drench by side light casting a hard shadow on her right. Thou it seams clear she is a woman, in 21st century a woman is not only represented by her figure but by her identity. The lipstick and eye make up is a symbol of woman hood. The tight fist and short hair is a symbol of strength. The half revealed face shows the willingness to vulnerability openly.   In Bill Brandt image his subject lacks personal resemblance to the viewer and shows a woman’s balled fist and brassy forearm representing strength.


Bill Brandt  pg 132 in Shadow of light



3 SOL p126

Jeremiah Cumberbatch,   Domestic figure 5/20/18


Walking in the foot steps of Bill Brandt, this image represent to me a domestic woman. Not only is she beautiful but she is alone at home sitting pose on a chair as like a trophy. A symbol of position as if she has no life of her own. The light carves the subject as a sculpture to be view as high art.


Bill Brandt pg 126 in The Shadow Of Light



4 SOL p134

Jeremiah Cumberbatch, The Female Form, 5/20/18


The female form is one of the most powerful subliminal images. We think love, sex, birth, mother, sister, and friend. The most important symbol of beauty, the symbol of pure unconscious love and symbol of true strength.


Bill Brandt, in The Shadow of light pg134




Jeremiah Cumberbatch, Johnny Rozsa

I was told Irvin Penn treats his sitters like the Sculpted object figures Bill Brandt portrays in the Shadow of light. Mr. Penn In His Book Centennial use light also to sculpt his sitter in a more characteristic image to heighten the subject personality.


Irving Penn, Centennial, Marlene dietrich pg 194